Raimo Jalkanen -Training

Guarantor of sustainable development

Leadership, management and occupational guidance

Consultation, training and coaching are designed for managers and supervisors in businesses, governmental organizations and in non-profit organizations. Consultation projects are put forward as half-a-day to full-day training sessions. The number of training days is set according to the particular need. The objectives and the contents of the consultation are defined together with the participants of the target organization. The needs of the particular organization, industry and business logic are taken into account. Through active work, the goal is to create appropriate and functioning solutions to the workplace in order to enhance productivity, quality of work and job satisfaction. The consult will report to target organization’s management about proceed, events and goal achievement of the project.


  • Developmental discussions
  • Situational leadership
  • Orientation and occupational guidance, from apprentice to master
  • Enhancing cooperation, flow and quality of service processes

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