Raimo Jalkanen -Training

Guarantor of sustainable development


Raimo Jalkanen -Training offers development consulting for work group self-steering in the service and production industries.

Consulting is a staged process in which the following are defined and agreed on:

  • Teams and team formation
  • Team tasks
  • Inter-team task deployment
  • Team responsible persons
  • Team authorities
  • Intra-team task and responsibilities deployment
  • Team leader's tasks and responsibilities
  • Choosing the team leader
  • Contents of team meetings, practicalities and cooperation
  • Gradual increase of teams’ self-steered capability
  • Supervisors tasks and role in team organization
  • Production management, practicalities and responsibilities
  • Goal setting and follow-up
  • Reporting
  • Consulting includes profound training of team work skills for the managers.

    Experience from over ten years of time and follow-up from more than hundred different teams show that introduction of proper teamwork practices has significantly increased productivity, quality and job satisfaction.

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    Teamwork (info059tii.pdf In Finnish)
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