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Guarantor of sustainable development

Productivity, quality, job satisfaction

  • Raimo Jalkanen -Training is specialized in the development of organizations.
  • Consultation, training and coaching services are based on the expertise derived from years of scientific research and leveraged hands- on experience in management and leadership.
  • The main principle is to enhance productivity, quality and job satisfaction through interactive planning and positive team learning.
  • Our policy is confidential and value-added cooperation with the customer.


Raimo Jalkanen -Training offers following consultation, training and coaching services:

Services are based on personal experience as a consultant (over 20 years), a manager (10 years), an entrepreneur (over 10 years) and on scientific research on work community development. My doctoral thesis (1997, Helsinki University) is a concrete example of hands-on development in business change management.


Curriculum vitae


  • University of Helsinki
    Doctor of Philosophy (Education), 1997
    Dissertation: Development teams as a means of change.
    Case Study Concerning a Training Project at the Helsinki Telephone Company
  • University of Helsinki
    Licentiate of Philosophy (Education), 1994
  • University of Jyväskylä Master of Arts (Education), 1980 Primary school teacher, 1977
  • Occupation

  • Management and leadership trainer & consultant (over 20 yrs)
  • Principal, managing director at the Universities of Applied Sciences: Humanistinen ammattikorkeakoulu and Kymenlaakson ammattikorkeakoulu (2,5 yrs)
  • Headmaster at a College: Joutseno Opisto (3 yrs)
  • Managing director and entrepreneur: RTJ-Balance Ltd and Procecon Ltd (over 10 yrs)
  • Regional director at the Centre for Continuing Education: Helsinki University (4 yrs)
  • Teacher of managerial skills and leadership at a College: Suomen Nuoriso-opisto (6 yrs)
  • Interests

  • ICT
  • Nordic Walking
  • Reading
  • Business Mentors Finland
  • Aviation

  • Contact Information

    Raimo Jalkanen -Training

    Raimo Jalkanen

    Doctor of Philosophy (Education)

    Address: Voikkaantie 3 A7, 45910 Voikkaa FINLAND
    Phone: +358 440 520 405
    E-Mail: raimo.jalkanen@uusi.org